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Cultural Tourism

The Company will take you to different Cultural tourism sites which are located around Arusha town. The selection of the site to visit will depend on customers’ demand and the discussion with marketing manager during booking.

These sites include:

The site you will have an opportunity to have:

– A visit to a local traditionally built household to get an idea of how an extended family lives together

– Traditional dancing

– A walk through coffee plantations and open fields where potatoes, cabbages, maize, beans and other cash crops are cultivated by the villagers.

– A visit to a traditional healer, who is ready to answer all your questions and give advice if needed

-A visit to the craftsmen prepared by the Mainyoito Women’s Group at one of the households

– A visit to the primary school where money generated from tourism as Development Fees is used to rehabilitate the school

– The pleasure of impressive viewpoints overlooking Arusha town, hiking along narrow footpaths, crossing a canyon and climbing small hills.

The visit takes a whole day and the costs are negotiable.

The following is on offer:

– A glimpse of Meru culture

– A visit to the three waterfalls in the area

– A visit to the lush tropical vegetation at the foot of Mr. Meru

– An opportunity to learn about the traditional uses of local vegetation

– A taste of locally grown and roasted coffee

– A visit to the historical and archaeological sites in the vicinity

– A view of the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru

– A walk through Mt. Meru rainforest to enjoy and identify the endemic flora and the spectacular birdlife

– A traditional lunch with entertainment from local dancers.

– A post-lunch with entertainment from local dancers

– A walk through coffee and banana plantations cultivated locally in small patches of land

– A visit to a local brew factory to sample ‘mbege’ or banana beer, the children and partake in their games and songs

Income from tourist visits will be used to improve educational facilities for HIV/ AIDS orphans, homeless, abandoned and disabled children.

The tour takes a maximum of two days and the costs are negotiable

Coffee Tour:

After arriving to this center, tour guide will give you the remarkable briefly historical and traditional background of this cultural tourism enterprise, Meru tribe and Tanzania generally. Friendly conversation going together with homemade traditional breakfast, which activates our brain will be carried out. Tourist gets a bonus of more explanation about Bio gas system which is environmental friendly. Afterwards tour guide/s will take you to the coffee plantation and provide you all information and to see coffee berries, then you will return back home for gaining experience of processing coffee at the end of the process you will enjoy a cup of homemade Arabica type of coffee with the team of Tengeru cultural tourism program. The costs are negotiable

Lake Duluti Tour (Hiking and Canoeing):

As usual all tours which we offer starts at our center then tour guide and tourists will go to Lake Duluti after passing the gate you will choose whether you are going to canoeing or hiking around the forest surrounding lake duluti. During your touring around you will be able to see monkeys, different types of birds, reptiles and learning more about this magical place steeped in tradition. The costs are negotiable

Biking Tour:

The site  offers cycling tour, the tour starts at home before starting the safari whether one day route which includes visiting the Graveyard of the first missionaries where tourists and tour guides riding through the hill up to the graveyard of the first missionaries to discover where Christianity started in this community and also tourists will choose where to visit among the schools we help and initiate social activity like planting trees, and to visit the flower farms .The tour guide/s will be responsible for providing you the information of life style of Meru before and recent connecting with the environmental issues because cycling is better for the environment.  The costs are negotiable

Waterfalls Tour:

As all tours, waterfalls tour starts at our center afterwards you will be taken by tour guides to the field to see the beautiful environment, there a half day tour and fully-day tour, also you will be able to see how local people live, enjoying the nature and all adventures, seeing and hearing birds and other species. After relaxing surround waterfalls you will get hot packaged traditional lunch at picnic site. The tour contains much experience .The costs are negotiable.


Mount Meru forest hiking tour:

Walking from home tourists and their guides will go on foot through the amazing forests of Mount Meru (the Tanzania’s second highest Mountain), it takes the whole day from 09:00 am to 17:00 evening, you will take the time to unwind and enjoy nature. You will be able to see the views of Mount Kilimanjaro and greenish surrounding foothills of Mount Meru. The tour guides brings hot traditional lunch because this is one-day tour. The costs are negotiable

Mringaringa Tour:

Mringaringa is a local dialect for this tree which is a traditional place for local people meet to contact with gods spiritually as a culture of Meru tribe. The meeting place is respected by all community members. Tourists will take a nature walk along the river bank to enjoy scenery, birds, flowers and trees. Will see the Shimbumbu Hill nature expedition (half day), Walk through banana and coffee plantations and after crossing the river Malala, ascend to the top of Shimbumbu Hill will end up on the  Msese caves .The tour takes  a maximum of two days and the costs are negotiable.