Journalists from Israel pause for a group photo with the TTB head of PR Unit Mr. Geofrey Tengeneza (eight from right) and other officials from TANAPA at Gombe National Park

A group often (10) visitors comprises journalists from different media houses plus social media channels, artist and tour operators from Israel who were in Kigoma for a three day visit in Gombe National Park which is referred to as haven to numerous primate species including chimpanzee have successfully concluded their visit organized by Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) in the park and promise to highly promote it in Israel and the Middle East in general
Speaking in Kigoma shortly after arriving from Gombe National Park the leader of the group Ms Ronit Hershkovitz acknowledged TTB and the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources for organizing this visit and TANAPA for the facilitation they offered while in Gombe National Park.  She admitted that the visit has been so amazing and a wonderful experience which will remain their life history for many years to come. “Visiting Tanzania has been a great opportunity for us since we have witnessed by ourselves the uniqueness of tourist attractions Tanzania is endowed with including the chimpanzee, indeed, we promise to write and tell our fellow country men about the beauty of this country and all these” noted Ronit
Commenting on the journalists in the group Ms Ronit discloses that they are from very credible and popular media outlets such as Yediot Acharanot -7 Yamim the weekend magazine of the biggest daily newspaper in Israel, Atmosphere magazine, National Geographic magazine, Channel 2 Television and two popular bloggers and social media practitioners who are also opinion leader . The visiting team also includes one film actor, a radio and TV celebrity, and two senior officials from Safari Company an Israel based Tour Company.

Commenting on the visit the TTB spokesman Mr GeofreyTengeneza said that the Board’s decision to coordinate this visit is nothing but implementation of strategy to tap on Middle East tourist source market. “The Middle East countries are potential tourists source market for Tanzania, so we hardly intend to penetrate into, and this is one the initiatives that we are currently undertaking to fulfil our mission.” noted Mr Tengeneza. He added that everyone in the group was very much excited by Gombe visit especially after seeing chimpanzee. He further said that the motive behind taking this group to Gombe National Park in line with TTB’s operations to undertake more promotional drive in southern and western circuits as it has been the case for northern circuit tourist attractions. Mr Tengeneza extended many thanks to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and Tanzania National Park (TANAPA) for their great support rendered to make this visit a success.
The team flew from Israel to Zanzibar on 19th April by charter plane and thereafter connect to Kigoma where were met at Kigoma Airport by Tanzania Tourist Board’s Head of Public Relations Unit Mr GeofreyTengeneza and Gombe Park warden Mr Elihuruma Wilson before being ferried by boat to the park which is located 16 km north of Kigoma town on the shores of world’s second deepest lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania.
The visit of the journalists, tour operators and actor from Israel has come just three days after that of the Israel former Minister Ehud Barak in Ngorongoro   Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park who accompanied with more than 100 delegates.